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Utah Fall in Little Cottonwood Canyon

Fall is now upon us in the Wasatch Range. Fall Colors

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Stewart Falls Hike

Today, I hiked to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. Patches of yellow aspen leaves still remain, but it seems that the fall leaf season is coming to an end.

Provo Canyon
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Utah in October

We had our first real snow yesterday and were able to hike through the beautiful fall colors mixed with wintery white snow on the Red Pine Lake trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon.Red Pine Lake
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Stansbury Island

Yesterday we made a trip out to Stansbury Island in the Salt Lake. Since the water in the Salt Lake has drastically lowered, it is no longer an island, and you can drive out onto it. We hiked the mountain biking trail, which snakes along what used to be the shoreline. It is much less crowded than Antelope Island (we were the only people on the trail), and it was interesting to see the ancient landscape and imagine what it would have looked like surrounded by water.  And speaking of water, it was storming all around us, but we only got caught in a few sprinkles. Stansbury Island
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Sunset Hike to The Living Room

After we returned from Hawaii, we went on a sunset hike near our home in Salt Lake City. The living room, which is above the Red Butte Gardens, is a lovely hike with spectacular views. Once you reach your destination, there are “couches” constructed from slabs of rock. It is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the city.

Salt Lake City Sunset
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Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and Golden Spike

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Willard, Utah (near Brigham City) is a bird lovers paradise, as a migratory habitat for over 200 species of birds. We spent a beautiful Saturday driving the auto loop, spotting pelicans, blue herons, white faced ibis, black necked stilts, american avocets, snowy egrets, double crested cormorant, forester’s terns, western grebes, red winged blackbirds, yellow headed blackbirds, an american coot, and we saw a killdeer fool us with his broken wing act. I was scared that I was going to run over him, as he seemed injured, and after following him, trying to help, he got up and flew away! It is quite an amazing trick to lead threats away from their nests! Then we traveled up to Golden Spike in Promontory Summit, the site where the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined in 1869.


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Baby Ally One Year Later

Almost exactly one year ago, I met and photographed the newborn baby Ally, and this past weekend, we had super fun one-year-old photo shoot (including outfit changes!). She is such a sweet, silly, and very social girl. Not only did she love her pearls (at least maybe the taste of them!), but she also began practicing her baseball pitching pose for her daddy. And look at those big, beautiful blue eyes!

Ally 1-Year-Old
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