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Church along the Camino



More Fog on the Camino



Sunrise on the Camino



Olympic Peninsula Sunrise


Morning in the North Cascades

The view right before we begin our ascent of Mt. Shuksan. 


Sunrise in Capitol Reef

The view after rolling out of the tent…Sunrise


As I was looking through photos on Flickr today, I began longing for spring in Italy. After I graduated from undergrad, my sculpture professor coordinated a trip to Italy for a few weeks. We roamed around (and got terribly lost) in Venice, drove a gondola, explored spectacular churches and museums (the statue of David and Michelangelo’s unfinished sculptures are breathtaking), ate the most delicious food (I think we lived off of parmesan, fresh bread, wine and gelato for days–until we were treated to a delicious meal at the restaurant that developed fettuccine alfredo!), and just simply enjoyed the beautiful scenery that emerges in spring. I was so enamored with Italy that I got lost in Verona within hours of our arrival. When I am surrounded by beauty and I have my camera, I tend to forget to look outside of my viewfinder. After losing my entire group and thinking I would be lost in Italy forever (which doesn’t seem so bad now), the group quickly learned to keep watch on me. It was just too easy to get lost in the magic of Italy.

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