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Stewart Falls Hike

Today, I hiked to Stewart Falls in Provo Canyon. Patches of yellow aspen leaves still remain, but it seems that the fall leaf season is coming to an end.

Provo Canyon
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Fall Continues in Utah

We went on another beautiful hike last weekend to Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Lake Blanche
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Sunset Hike to The Living Room

After we returned from Hawaii, we went on a sunset hike near our home in Salt Lake City. The living room, which is above the Red Butte Gardens, is a lovely hike with spectacular views. Once you reach your destination, there are “couches” constructed from slabs of rock. It is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the city.

Salt Lake City Sunset
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I am currently taking a class on sensory literacy and today our task was to photograph items that are a reflection of self and personal treasures. As one of the overall goals of the class is to reawaken the play in creativity, I used my lensbaby for the shoot. The lensbaby is a tilt shift lens which allows you to get points of focus surrounded by beautiful blur. It gives the photos an almost ethereal look.

Sensory Literacy


Color to Break Up Winter White

With all of this snow, I feel a craving for color. I took these photographs last fall in the mountains surrounding Salt Lake City. I feel warmer and brighter just by looking at them.Color
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Baby’s First Trip to the Apple Orchard

I recently was able to meet the most handsome little man. During my visit, his beautiful mama and I took him on a grand adventure to the apple orchard where he learned not only that he liked apples but also that he could hold the apple all by himself!

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Film Wedding Photos

I was going through some old photographs the other day and ran across these from my film days. The film grain on the black and white photos adds something to the already interesting salon where the girls got ready. They almost make me want to break out some film!

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