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Frary Peak, Great Salt Lake and Bison!

We had a beautiful hike to the summit of Frary Peak. Antelope Island is quickly becoming one of my favorite getaways. It is a spectacular island in the great salt lake and a wildlife lover’s paradise. I am always amazed at the animals we encounter on our journeys, and I do not think I will ever get used to the excitement that arises when I turn a corner and see bison lounging and grazing in the fields. If you ever find yourself near Salt Lake City, I highly recommend a trip to Antelope Island–and do not forget your telephoto lens!

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Antelope Island–Utah

Since I haven’t posted about Utah yet, I thought today would be a good day. Utah is beautiful. There is a never ending supply of amazingly scenic places to visit at all times of the year. Our winter this year was very mild, which was great for winter hikes but not so great for skiing. And now it seems that winter is on its way out as the flowers start to show their petals and the birds sing away outside my window. Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake is a spectacular place to hike (and share the trail with the majestic wildlife).

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