Baby Ally One Year Later

Almost exactly one year ago, I met and photographed the newborn baby Ally, and this past weekend, we had super fun one-year-old photo shoot (including outfit changes!). She is such a sweet, silly, and very social girl. Not only did she love her pearls (at least maybe the taste of them!), but she also began practicing her baseball pitching pose for her daddy. And look at those big, beautiful blue eyes!

Ally 1-Year-Old
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Baby’s First Trip to the Apple Orchard

I recently was able to meet the most handsome little man. During my visit, his beautiful mama and I took him on a grand adventure to the apple orchard where he learned not only that he liked apples but also that he could hold the apple all by himself!

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Sweet Baby A

These last few weeks have been filled with traveling, and during some of my travels, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of the most precious baby. Even though she was fighting a cold, she was happy, curious, and playful. She has the most beautiful smile and the cutest cheeks, and she filled the room with giggles. I loved having the chance to capture her joy!

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Baby Ally

I had the opportunity to take pictures of the most beautiful baby girl this week. She is already very photogenic, and I cannot wait to see her and her amazing parents again.

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