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Popo Agie Falls

I adore waterfalls (hiking to them, shooting them, climbing up them in the winter…), and the Popo Agie falls in Wyoming is one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring I have come across in my travels.



While on a backcountry hike in Wyoming, I spotted this beautiful pattern of lichen.

Brighton Lakes

The skies looked like they were bringing in a storm, and I found the silhouettes of the trees on the ridge line near Dog Lake beautiful in contrast to the few white clouds in the sky.

Red Pine Lake Take 2

Red Pine Lake

This is a lovely hike up to a beautiful alpine lake. It is a generally well shaded trail in the morning, which makes it pleasant even in the heat of summer. 

Wild Columbines

The wildflowers are in peak bloom right now, and for the past two weekends, the trails in the canyons around Salt Lake have been filled with them, including my current favorite the columbine.