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Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and Golden Spike

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Willard, Utah (near Brigham City) is a bird lovers paradise, as a migratory habitat for over 200 species of birds. We spent a beautiful Saturday driving the auto loop, spotting pelicans, blue herons, white faced ibis, black necked stilts, american avocets, snowy egrets, double crested cormorant, forester’s terns, western grebes, red winged blackbirds, yellow headed blackbirds, an american coot, and we saw a killdeer fool us with his broken wing act. I was scared that I was going to run over him, as he seemed injured, and after following him, trying to help, he got up and flew away! It is quite an amazing trick to lead threats away from their nests! Then we traveled up to Golden Spike in Promontory Summit, the site where the Union and Central Pacific Railroads joined in 1869.


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