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Frary Peak, Great Salt Lake and Bison!

We had a beautiful hike to the summit of Frary Peak. Antelope Island is quickly becoming one of my favorite getaways. It is a spectacular island in the great salt lake and a wildlife lover’s paradise. I am always amazed at the animals we encounter on our journeys, and I do not think I will ever get used to the excitement that arises when I turn a corner and see bison lounging and grazing in the fields. If you ever find yourself near Salt Lake City, I highly recommend a trip to Antelope Island–and do not forget your telephoto lens!

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The Bahamas were even more beautiful than I imagined. Boat rides from Paradise Island let us discover lighthouses and spectacular sunsets. I became enamored with photographing the clouds at sunset. They looked like delicate paintings. While we were there we also saw the 4th of July fireworks and a full moon (I wished I had my tripod!). Not only was I able to photograph the lovely scenery from land and sea, but I tried out my new camera, the Nikon Coolpix AW100. What a fun little camera for underwater shots! This is the first digital underwater camera I have ever used, and it was much more versatile and produced higher quality images than those disposable cameras. While the image quality cannot compare to a DSLR, it was a blast to explore the water in a new way!

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Sweet Baby A

These last few weeks have been filled with traveling, and during some of my travels, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of the most precious baby. Even though she was fighting a cold, she was happy, curious, and playful. She has the most beautiful smile and the cutest cheeks, and she filled the room with giggles. I loved having the chance to capture her joy!

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