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Antelope Island–Utah

Since I haven’t posted about Utah yet, I thought today would be a good day. Utah is beautiful. There is a never ending supply of amazingly scenic places to visit at all times of the year. Our winter this year was very mild, which was great for winter hikes but not so great for skiing. And now it seems that winter is on its way out as the flowers start to show their petals and the birds sing away outside my window. Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake is a spectacular place to hike (and share the trail with the majestic wildlife).

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Krista, Sandy and Beau

While home for my brother’s wedding, I snuck in some shots of my mom and her dogs, Sandy (a Feist Terrier) and Beau (a Pomeranian). Beau is curious and seemed to love posing (and trying to lick) the camera. Sandy, on the other hand, was shy. It amazes me that two dogs can have such different personalities and that these can shine through in pictures. What also shone through was my mom’s love for her dogs…












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Beth and John’s Wedding

Beth and John’s wedding day was beautiful. Beth was radiant, and John was quite handsome without his mountain man beard! I am so happy for them as they start their lives together and the Mr. and Mrs. Reverend.

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Beth and John’s Rehearsal













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John’s Seminary Graduation and Ordination

This weekend my baby brother, John, is getting married. I often still think of my brother as that goofy, skinny little kid who dreamed of becoming a comedian and ventriloquist. Growing up, he was my favorite play companion (even though we did not see eye to eye as we both always insisted on pretending to be James Bond when we played our favorite spy game). It is hard to believe that he is grown up and getting married. He is still insanely funny and an amazing friend. I am so happy that he found someone who compliments him so well, and I am thrilled to be gaining a sister (and yes, Beth, I think John and I will allow you to be James Bond too). As I prepare to pack for my journey out east and for John and Beth’s big day, I thought I would share some photos from two days where I was so proud of my little brother.

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A Day in the Life of Lucy

Lucy is my most amazing Chinese Crested. She spends her days lounging, playing with her best friend (Santa–who has been her bff since she came into my life at 3 months old and decided her favorite play thing was a stuffed santa under my christmas tree that was 5 times her size!), watching the world from her window, exploring her wild backyard, begging for treats, and dishing out a whole lot of love. I was recently reading The Passionate Photographer by Steve Simon and one of the assignments was to photograph one subject from multiple angles. This inspired me to follow Lucy around for a day. Welcome to a day in the life of Lucy…

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As promised, I went through some of my photos from my time in Connecticut. I loved Connecticut, well at least in the spring, summer, and fall. Winters seemed very long and dark, but the beauty of the other months made me completely forget about the challenges of winter.

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